Hurricanes and High Wind Meet Their Match With New Storm Doors and Windows

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Replacing the windows or doors on your house is certainly about making your home more attractive. But there are two additional benefits for property owners who invest in quality building materials. First, windows and doors can save a tremendous amount or energy. Second, they should be thought of as your first line of defense during big-weather events like hurricanes.

Hurricane Doors Provide First Line of Defense

Naturally a home’s front exterior door comes to mind first, but hurricanes and high winds do not discriminate. Consider sliding glass doors that face the patio as perhaps even more important and vulnerable to the high winds associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Proper hurricane doors at a home’s front and rear go a long way towards protection. Additionally, a new steel front door can bring a homeowner up to 98% return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Safety First, Savings Second: Hurricane Windows Provide Both

Natural light in a home is an absolute must, but each of those windows to the outside can be a source of danger when high winds and hurricanes threaten. Homeowners who invest in high impact windows can help protect their home and family in winds up to 200 mph. These windows have even been tested to withstand Category 5 wind conditions.

Also, because a home loses 30% of its heat or air conditioning to inefficient windows, the investment of energy efficient hurricane windows benefits homes year-round. Hurricane windows that are Energy Star-qualified can lower a homeowner’s energy bills by 7 to 15%. And just like new hurricane doors, the return on investment is substantial. Replacing standard windows with new windows can yield a 78% return on investment. And here’s more good news–on average, replacement windows will last for at least two decades.

When you think through how important keeping your family and property safe is, purchasing strong, energy-conserving windows and doors becomes a very attractive option. We all know that bad weather will come at some point. Knowing that you have made your home as safe and secure as possible is just smart.

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