Good Fences Make Great Neighbors

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The neighborhood association recently amended their covenants and now home and property owners have a little more latitude when they are selecting yard fences. Unlike nearby neighborhoods, this association governs a small group of homes that have very large parcels of land attached to their homes. It is difficult to understand why, but the initial guidelines about yard fences made sense for smaller properties that often shared fencing decisions, but not in a subdivision with two to five acre lots. Since the change, the residents have enjoyed the opportunity to use fence designs to enhance their properties.
Consider the following examples:

  • White picket fence design Used more as a visual border than a fence to keep in children or pets, this fence made from a no maintenance composite material is only four feet tall, but its visual impact is enormous. It is immediately apparent where the borders to the property are, and the fencing design matches the white shutters on the red brick home.
  • Black aluminum fencing This fencing option is available in several heights, including a six foot option that is great for the safety minded homeowner who is looking to provide more than a visual barrier for both childrens and pets. This no maintenance finish comes with several design and security options as well. If wanted, the homeowner can elect to have an automatic gate from the same materials that can close and block access to a long driveway onto the property. Fence top options can also be selected to match other metal design details on exterior lighting posts or front door ornamentation. In addition to providing a classy look, this type of fencing generally provides a 65% return on investment for the homeowner.
  • Bamboo privacy fence If a homeowner is looking for a backyard or patio option only, this type of fence can provide an attractive visual backdrop to an outdoor kitchen or pool setting. Leaving the front yard and driveway unfenced can expand the visual perception of your property line, and using a bamboo privacy fence can create an intimate setting for a portion of your backyard property.
  • Chainlink fencing Though not often used as a front yard option in an upper end subdivision, black chainlink fencing is a perfect option for a property boundary if your acreage backs up to a wooded lake or public trail system. These types of yard fences are both strong and durable, but less expensive than other metal fencing options. It is available in different grades and can be coated to avoid any kind of rust.

Nearly 100,000 American businesses provide fencing services that generate approximately $51 billion in revenue a year. Homeowners often use a variety of fencing options to provide security and visual appeal to their property.

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