Three Surprising Facts About Moving

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While popular culture likes to romanticize the whole concept of one home sweet home, a perfect matchbox bordered by a white picket fence, moving regularly is a reality of the average American life. Becoming familiar with easy moving tips can make the process easier, as well as knowing to find local movers that are professional in what they do (for instance, plugging in good movers in Spokane into a google search). But what sort of person does moving regularly affect and why? What makes Americans more ?nomadic? than ever? Knowing the main facts about a more mobile America can better prepare you for any future moving endeavors.

1. Americans Move Regularly
As previously stated, moving around is just something we Americans do in this day and age. The census bureau confirms as much, with 43 million Americans relocating for one reason or another every year since 1980. This is much as 16.8 of the entire U.S. population! Most city moving companies, such as movers in Spokane, might find they?re moving people on the younger end of the spectrum; two-thirds of Americans between 18-29 claim to have relocated within the last five years. All in all though, 63% of adults will have moved to a different place at least once in their lives while only 37% have never left their hometowns. Old or young, moving is just something we do.

2. Modern Lifestyles Require It

Unsurprisingly, the fast-paced, interconnectedness of our modern lives is what makes moving around such a regular activity. Many Americans are required to move for either preexisting jobs or the promise of new opportunities in different cities. For this reason, your best local mover may change from something like movers in New York to movers in Spokane, depending, and it can help to keep abreast of who is the most adept in the area.

3. Moving Companies Make It Easier

For as much as we move around the process can be a bit grueling in between packing things, doing paperwork and finding a new place to live. Hiring a good moving company, however, means being able to leave things as they are at your old place longer and still have them unpacked at your new residence sooner. The right moving company will help not only with physically moving things, but packing and unpacking as well. This leaves you, the customer, with much more time to relax in between the other stressful necessities.

Because likelihood states we will all move at some point or another, knowing the best way to approach this situation can make it that much more easier to bear.

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