Metal Roofing Is Available in Various Colors and Styles

What questions do you have about local roofing service providers and what they can do for your home and your roofing system? How do you want to approach your next roofing project or renovation? Are you putting off a roofing upgrade because you are hung up on the advantage of metal roof over shingles or still trying to choose between aluminum roof vs shingles? No matter what your current roofing situation may entail or what work you need to have done, you are better off working alongside your local roofing pros right from the start!

The local roofing experts can help you find the best aluminum roofing manufacturers in your area and can also help you get any other roofing supplies and materials you may need. They can help you with design and budgeting, installation and setup, as well as general repairs and maintenance. So, if you have questions about architectural shingles vs metal roof cost or any other specific questions about what roofing system is right for you, contact your local roofing company today to learn more!

A drive past an industrial warehouse in the midwest included a view of roofing experts on a building that you had driven by several times before without noticing. What caught your eye this time was the half-finished new metal roof. As the unfinished half still had asphalt shingles that were being removed, you realized that was the only building in the entire business area that did not have metal roofing already. Metal roofing is becoming a more popular option for buildings across the country.
Although four out of five roofs are still covered with asphalt roofing shingles, many building owners are beginning to realize the benefits of having commercial roofing contractors install metal roofing. For one thing, metal roofing can last as long as 50 years or more, and it requires very little maintenance, while still looking beautiful as it ages. In addition, some insurance companies offer home buyers and commercial building owners up to a 30% reduction in premiums for weather-resistant metal roofs. Installed in a single sheet, or several very large sheets, metal roofing has many fewer small shingles that can be ripped off in high wind environments.
Whether you select metal or other types of roofing materials, almost all jobs go better with a professional installation team. Roof slope, or pitch, is measured in inches as a ratio of its vertical rise over a horizontal distance of 12 inches. It is the steep and varied slopes of many homes that make many roofing projects too dangerous for amateurs. Even with certified roofing specialists, completely replacing a roof can take anywhere from a few days to more than two weeks. Making the mistake to cut down on that time by installing a new roof over an old one will also cut down the life and the value of the new roof by as much as 20%.

Few investments are as important as the roof of residential homes or commercial buildings. Making the commitment to a quality product installed by certified workers means that your building or your home will be protected from the elements and insulated from both high and low temperatures. Metal roofing is available in hundreds of colors and in various styles. It also has warranties that last as long as 50 years when installed by certified professionals. Isn’t it time that you made a quality roofing investment in your home or commercial building?


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