How a New Roof Could Save You Money

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How satisfied are you with your roof? Chances are, you really don’t think about it until there is a leak to be repaired. The sound of rain water dripping into a pail may be used in movies to show a derelict house. But roof repairs are not only for leaky roofs.

There are a few culprits that may drive a homeowner to look into roof replacement costs. Essentially, the roof that protects you from the elements is being damaged by the elements.

    1. Rain
    2. Wind
    3. Sun

Roofing contractors probably get quite a few jobs because of rain-weakened roofs. Water marks stretching across a ceiling are unsightly, among other things. However, as listed above there are more to roofing solutions than leaky pails.

The sun that beats down on your roof can actually cause damage over a period of time. The process starts with ultra violet (UV) rays weakening the molecular structure of the roofing materials. Heat from the sun’s rays exacerbates the problem. After the sun sets, the contracting of the materials once the excessive heat is gone causes further damage over time.

All these factors result in brittle materials that continue to be weakened when the rainy season arrives. That is when you are likely to realize there is a problem with your roof. Is there any other reason to contact a roof contractor? Yes actually. And the reason may even save you money.

The sunlight heating up and damaging the roofing materials is also heating the house. That is not a desired result in the summer. A roof made from conventional materials will reflect some of the UV rays, but just between 5 to 15%. In some cases, 95% of UV rays are being absorbed by the roof and being weakened that much faster.

Conversely, roofs made of cooler materials can reflect up to 65% of UV rays, absorbing just 35%. The result is a much cooler house. That could translate to 30% lower energy needs.

Solar paneled roofs are becoming more popular as people are drawn to the appeal of lower energy bills. Some estimates say a homeowner could potentially save $84 each month if they made the switch from a roof made simply of conventional roofing materials.

Roof repairs are no fun. But shelter is an essential human need, so it is important to take proper care of your home. You can even make your roof repair work for you, by choosing an option that saves you money over time.

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