The Top 6 Benefits to Solar Energy

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In recent years, the global concern with energy consumption has gained a lot of media spotlight, resulting in what has thus been dubbed, “green energy” movements. Thanks to the efforts of conservationist–minded folks, we can now harness the power of the sun itself. Although wind, water, and other renewable forms of energy remain viable, environmentally friendly alternatives, here are the top six reasons why solar energy is more viable than ever. After all, what does solar cost really?

1. Easy Maintence
One of the most alluring benefits to solar energy, aside from the fact that it is sun–power, is the fact that many solar systems require minimum maintence. Solar energy systems have been known to run quickly and quietly for anywhere from 25 to 40 years as a self-sustaining energy source.

2. The Future of Energy
Today, sales of solar energy systems are higher than ever with one solar photovoltaic system being installed every four minutes. Next year that number is intended to reach one every 20 seconds. With so many switching to solar panels for home, it may leave you wondering why you haven’t switched yet.

3. Economically Viable
When they were first introduced, solar panel cost was extraordinarily high. The current price of solar panels has decreased since 2008 by 80%. In 2010’s third quarter, the average price of a PV panel has dropped by nearly 63%.

4. Wasted Energy
Every year the sun shines nearly 8.2 million quads of solar energy our way every year. If we aren’t harnessing it, that energy goes to waste, and that seems like the biggest source of potential energy loss on the planet. Home solar power is available to you now; what does solar cost?

5. American Jobs
Its good to know that the United States hires nearly 143,000 solar workers in the U.S. today, a nearly 20% rise since 2012. Solar power services are responsible for a 53% increase in industry size over the last four years, adding almost 50,000 jobs to the field.

6. Truly Green Energy
Solar services are being used by some of the world’s greatest corporations. In fact, the top 25 corporate users have actually doubled their solar capacity since 2012. As more renewable energy options are developed over the years, we get closer to clean, renewable energy for the planet.
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