Saving Money on Your Energy Bill is as Easy as Closing this Door

Commercial windows and doors

The biggest financial drain in your house could be coming from the most unexpected sources, your doors and windows. In the average home between 15 to 25% of energy loss is due to improperly insulated windows and doors. Each percentage point represents how much more money is being spent on your heating or cooling bills. Many homeowners are unaware of how much of a difference having the right type of windows and doors can make a difference in homes. While the traditional wood windows and doors are a perennial favorite, many home owners are finding better efficiency and safety by investing in custom steel windows and doors. Steel windows and doors will not only save money on utilities, but it can be a durable and basically maintenance free addition to your property value.

Advantages of Custom Steel Windows and Doors
The main word to keep in mind for steel doors and windows is durability. Unlike wood doors which are easily subject to the whims of nature and moisture, steel doors are not affected by the elements. Since steel does not have the permeability of wood, the doors windows will not crack, warp or bow over time. This also means that steel doors and windows form tighter more lasting seals with the housing envelope. If you are a security minded homeowner, steel doors and windows can also add that added bit security. Steel doors and windows are inherently harder to damage than wooden doors and windows. Switching to steel is also ultimately more economical as well, considering they cost less to install and maintain than wood.

Maintenance for Custom Steel Windows and Doors
Although there are several advantages to choosing steel instead of wood, there are certain steps that should be taken to insure the look and longevity of doors and windows. While steel doors are surprisingly resistant to the elements they can can still be subject to rust if the proper measures are not taken. If there is noticeable chipping or scratches on the paint of your exterior steel door, make sure to patch it in a timely manner. Steel doors can also be subject to denting if used improperly. Denting is easily preventable if the doors are used properly, meaning do not use feet or shoulders to open doors.

By choosing to switch to steel, you can not only insure that your home is working at optimum energy efficiency, but also have the peace of mind that your family and your belongings are well protected.

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