Carpet Simple (Bizarre Facts About Carpeting)

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Dominating a whopping 70% of American floors, with an estimated 44% of people claiming it as their preference in bedroom flooring, there’s no contest that lots of people are buying lots of carpet. But before you settle on your new floor options, here are some bizarre facts about carpets and their history.

If you think vacuuming is a chore now, picture this. Early 20th century vacuums took three people to operate, and were powered by coal. How does a machine that spews coal dust get a carpet clean? Your guess is just as good as mine. But it’s better than the earlier models that had to park outside. Imagine trying to use your vacuum hose inside while the machine is in the driveway.

Ever wonder what the difference is between a carpet and a rug? No? Well I’ll tell you anyways. Apparently the difference matters a lot. According to the official American floor covering industry, the rug (sourced from the words “rag” and “rough”) is any piece smaller than 40 square feet, while anything larger is categorized as a carpet. Who’s going to contact Aladdin and inform him that his magic carpet ride was really a magic rug ride?

When installing carpet, the process could sometimes be the source of some unwanted chemical emissions. If your new carpet is a little odorous, ask about lower-emitting carpeting adhesives, or give your new rug a good air-out before installing/laying it. Nobody likes a rug-related head rush.

If you have/are planning on getting a knotted wool carpet, known for their outstanding durability, beware the house beetle grubs. Otherwise known as “woolly bears,” these invaders use chemicals in their stomachs to convert wool into sugar. They’ll eat holes right through your carpets. Not quite my definition of a “sweet spot.”

Having wall-to-wall carpeting can be a hazard to your health. Because they’re installed to be “permanent,” it’s a much more difficult task to access the endpoints for deep cleaning. The result could be excessive buildup of moisture from spills, leaving mold, mildew, and even bacteria like e-coli living inside it. Not to worry, though — this only tends to happen when homeowners start slacking on the cleaning aspect of carpet maintenance. If you keep your carpets nice and clean, you’ll be in good shape.

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