3 Signs Your AC Unit Is on the Brink of Death

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Before residential HVAC units bite the dust, they’re going to let their owners know that they’re on their way out, and that air conditioning companies should probably be called in. Here are just a few of the signs.

It’s Just Not Working Properly. If an AC unit isn’t cooling a home as well as it used to, then chances are it’s starting to break down. This could be the result of a number of things. Perhaps the refrigerant is leaking. Maybe the thermostat has an issue. The unit may even need a new compressor. Whatever it may be, though, it’s going to need fixing if you want your home to be cool.

Your Utility Bills Are Abnormally High. If you’ve noticed your utility bill is getting higher and higher, it may be the fault of your AC unit, which, in that case, could be starting to break. Higher energy bills indicate that the AC unit is not working as efficiently as it possibly could. This might be the result of a dirty air filter, or a chocked condensing coil, or something else. When this begins happening, you’re going to want to get a pro in there to fix it, otherwise you’re going to keep paying more in energy bills for less service from your AC unit.

It’s Making Funny Sounds. When an AC unit starts making grinding, squealing, or even grating sounds, then chances are something’s busted inside the unit. If whatever the problem may be isn’t dealt with right away, then chances are it could cause the rest of the unit to break. In other words, it may lead to even more repairs down the road, or even need replacing.

In addition to fixing air conditioners, air conditioning companies can also perform maintenance on units — they can change HVAC air filters and replace AC coils — ensuring that the units continue to run as efficiently as they possibly can.

If you think you might need the help of air conditioning companies soon, feel free to share the problem you’re having in the comments.

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