Terrazzo Restoration Services What You Need to Know

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Deciding on what flooring material to use when designing or redesigning a home can be a tricky ordeal. You may not think flooring materials present much of a challenge but they do. When choosing a material to use, one should think about not just how the floor looks but also how it will handle in the long-term. Many homeowners will tell you that in terms of flooring, the issue of texture is a key consideration. In other words, the differences between soft surface materials (such as carpet and wool) and hard surface materials (such as marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, and travertine) are distinct. Besides the obvious textural differences, there differences in cleanliness. In general, soft surface materials collect more dirt, dust, particles, and germs than hard surfaces. Over time, these particles can accumulate and not only make the floor dirtier but also affect the indoor air quality. That is one reason why many homeowners prefer hard surface floors (which, in general, are also easier to clean).

Of all the hard surface materials to choose from, terrazzo is one of the finest. Terrazzo has a rich, vibrant history that dates back for at least 1,500 years. Terrazzo was a popular building material in Europe during the Renaissance. Its impressive durability and gorgeous look made it very popular with sculptors and architects alike. It is still widely used today as a construction material for floors as well as counters, columns, patios, walls, and other structures. Today, terrazzo is worth about $7-10 per square foot, making it an affordable option for homeowners. Recently, some terrazzo has been made from 100% recycled glass; up to 75% of such terrazzo is made from recycled raw materials!

Terrazzo is known for its durability and resistance to dirt but, as with all raw materials, it needs to be cleaned and restored from time to time. That is why professional terrazzo cleaning services are so useful for homeowners in need of terrazzo restoration work. Terrazzo polishing by itself can be a huge hassle but terrazzo restoration services have the tools, materials, and expertise needed to get the job done.

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