Residential Window Cleaning Tips by Season

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Residential window cleaners work year-round to keep windows looking spotless and clear. Though the best window cleaning professionals will come around any time you call, it’s important to consider the season when you hire a cleaner. Depending on the conditions outside, you may want to try different tactics to keep your windows looking spotless.

Here’s an overview of how each season can affect residential window cleaning services, and how you can adjust accordingly:

  • Spring

    Spring is often a very busy season for residential window cleaners because people are either in a spring cleaning mood or are planning a special occasion like a graduation party or wedding reception. Spring isn’t a bad time to get your windows cleaned, but it is important to consider pollen buildup and rain that can dirty the windows after you clean them. If the weather is pleasant, however, you’ll be good to go.
  • Summer

    Summer is a great time to get a thorough exterior and interior window cleaning. You’ll remove the pollen buildup from spring and clean off any dirt and mineral deposits that sprinklers may leave on your windows. You should make sure any residential window cleaners you hire are willing to clean your screens as well, since many people use them during the summer and they can get dirty. If you tend to leave your windows closed to keep cool air in, try leaving some screens out. Your windows will stay cleaner longer.
  • Fall

    Many people get their windows cleaned during the fall in preparation for winter. If you have screens left in from the summer, fall is a great time to get them cleaned or start taking them out for the winter. Fall is actually an ideal season for window cleaning because windows typically stay clean for much longer than they do in other seasons.
  • Winter

    Many people assume cleaners can’t work in the winter, so it can be a slow time. While it’s true that window cleaners may have to reschedule a bit more often if weather prevents them from cleaning, there are also a considerable number of days when the weather is fine for cleaning. Most people who clean their windows in the winter are trying to spruce them up for the holidays or are planning to sell their homes. Taking your screens out during winter can be a great way to keep them clean if you don’t want to invest in winter window cleaning.

Though each season has it’s pros and cons, residential window cleaners will be able to help you year round. No matter when you need your windows cleaned, you should never be afraid to give them a call. Continue your research here.

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