Is Your Home Missing a Deck?

Best wood for decks

When it comes to outdoor upgrades, there are all kinds of options to consider. You could go for a nice treehouse for your sons, a gazebo with a hot tub, a screened in porch or – if you are lucky – you add a big, wooden deck. Building a deck is a big endeavor and should be handled by experts. Below are some of the many, many reasons that deck plans will add to your life and your home.

Decks make your home worth more.
Yep, even in Seattle where there are about 50 days of sun each year, a deck is a good thing. Research suggests that owners get around a 72% return on investment when they add a deck. If the houses around you don’t have decks, it will set you apart if ever you should sell. If they all do and you don’t, you could lag behind when you go to sell. A deck builder is a great way to add value to your home.

Decks are super fun!
Which of your friends’ houses do you most enjoy visiting? I’d be willing to bet that it’s the friend who has outdoor space. When you are decided where to build a deck, think about where you would want to entertain. A nice, screened in porch might be good for the front of the house while decks should be a bit more private.

Decks can set you apart
When you think about what type of deck to build, don’t be confined by the decks you usually see. Decks come in all kinds of materials, many more than just wood. You could go with a composite deck, a synthetic deck or even a less common wood like bamboo. Either way, a deck is a fun way to express your creativity for all to see.

No matter your reasons, you should get your deck plans together before summer comes! Continue reading here.

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