Four Common Myths and Misconceptions About Building Custom Homes

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Custom home building is a great way to get the luxury home you’ve always wanted, designed exactly to fit your lifestyle. But there are many misconceptions that keep people from hiring a custom home builder and seeing their dreams realized. Let’s debunk a few of these myths so you can have a clear picture of the process when you meet with a custom home builder for the first time:

  • You Need to Have a Design Already

    Custom home builders work with you to create custom home designs and floor plans that suit your needs and wishes. You can also employ architects and designers to help you come up with the best possible floor plan. All you really need is a general idea of what you want out of a house, and the builder or architect can usually guide you through the rest of the process, from light fixtures to roofing styles.
  • Custom Homes Take a Long Time to Build

    While custom homes do take time to construct, buying and moving into a new home can take just as much time if you need to renovate it to fix your needs. When you purchase an existing house, you often have to compromise: maybe you’ll install a porch later, or update that HVAC system, or remodel the kitchen because you like the tile but not the cabinets, and so on. When you build a custom home from scratch, you have the ability to design your home from the ground up so that it’s exactly the way you want it. This can save you massive amounts of time and money later on.
  • It’s Hard to Get a Construction Loan

    Maybe constructions were hard to get at one point, but many banks are becoming more flexible to allow the housing industry to recoup. You’ll be able to chose from a variety of programs, and if you comparison shop, you should find a loan with a pretty reasonable down payment.
  • Custom Homes are Too Expensive

    Custom homes have actually dropped in price, and though they can run higher in cost than pre-existing homes, you also spend less on energy and renovations in the long term. When you pay for a custom home, you’re paying extra to avoid remodeling or repairing your home only a few years down the road.

Talk to a local home builder if you have any lingering concerns.
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