Shutters, Basement Blinds, & Window Treatment Trends for 2022

Installing brand-new shutters can make a house look much more classic right away, which might be exactly what you want. However, you can also make other changes to the house, especially if you are interested in new basement blinds and shades. Many traditional historic homes had those features as well, and they are just as common in more modern homes.

Shutters, shades, and bathroom blinds are easy home improvements for your windows.

In addition to your shutters, bathroom blinds, and shades are an easy home improvement for a room like a bathroom. Different basement shades can be a useful part of maintaining a degree of privacy. Adding shades in your basement might also help prevent the sort of fading that can occur over time, especially with basement furniture or other home decor. window treatment trends shades shutters blinds

A basement receives less natural light than almost all the other rooms in a house. This doesn’t mean your basement won’t benefit from installing window blinds. These blinds will help to make the basement seem more modern and finished, which can add an air of freshness to the entire house. While new bathroom blinds, shades, or curtains might not be your first choice for a home update initially, you can revamp your home at any point by installing shutters, shades, blinds, or curtains to add style to your windows.

When it comes to improving both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home, window treatments are often the best way to combine style and budget-friendly comfort.

In addition to preventing as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy from being lost through the windows, there are also plenty of window treatment trends any homeowner can incorporate into their rooms. Whether you prefer roller blinds, window curtains, or even indoor shutters, there is sure to be an option that suits you and saves you money. But how do you choose the right window treatment to match your home decor? Check out these three new trends to see if any are right for you!


Most homeowners instinctively choose muted tones for their window treatments, like white. However, by using metallic shades and finishes, you can add a luxurious, modern look that is sure to draw attention. This trend is often best accomplished through window drapes and curtains made from stiffer, slightly shiny fabrics in gold, bronze, and silver. However, it is also possible to find roller shades and blinds made from woven metallic fibers.


Some people worry that patterns will quickly become outdated, but by making smart design choices, patterned window treatments can really bring a room together. Look for florals, geometric designs, even animal prints, to add an eye-catching yet cohesive touch. However, if you worry that the effect is too startling, don’t be afraid to layer patterned drapes and curtains with simple roller blinds or shades to help tame the look.

Bright Colors

Why stick with whites, blacks and browns for your window treatments when you have a whole world of colors to take advantage of? For 2015, interior decorators are particularly excited about yellows, which can brighten a room and pair well with numerous other tones and patterns. Consider using this color, or another bright shade, for your drapes, curtains, shades or blinds.

Choosing the right window treatment is an important step that can help bring together any room in your home. However, this feature can also help reduce your energy bills, protect your furniture from sun damage, and improve your privacy. For a comfortable, affordable and attractive home, the choice is clear: find the right window treatment for your home today!

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