How to Easily Clean Your Driveway Without a Power Washer

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If you want your driveway to not only look nice, but to also last you for as long as you own your house, you need to clean it. Residential driveways are like magnets for oil stains, mud, and other tough grime, which can damage them. In order to eradicate those threats, you need to scrub them off at least once or twice a year.

Here’s a few tips to help.

Lay Some Sawdust Down.

First things first, sawdust or kitty litter needs to be laid down on any residential driveways that are covered in grease or oil stains. The sawdust should be left on these spots for 12 to 24 hours so that they can absorb as much of the containment as possible. Once that’s done, sweep it up and throw it away.

Take Your First Pass at It.

Now, it’s time to sweep the entire driveway to get rid of any dirt that might be on the surface, paying careful attention to the cracks. Then, spray the whole driveway down with your hose. If you aren’t mindful of the cracks, dirt might run down the driveway as you wash it.

Make the Cleaning Agent.

Next, it’s time to make the cleaning agent. Homeowners should dissolve about two and a half ounces of washing soda into a gallon of hot water, and then sprinkle some powdered dishwashing detergent over the surface of the whole thing.

Scrub the Driveway.

Take a deck brush and dip it into your hot washing solution and start cleaning the driveway. Don’t be stingy, either. Make sure the brush is wet at all times. If you have to make more cleaning solution, just do it.


Once cleaned, residential driveways should be rinsed off with hot water. Make sure that the runoff doesn’t get into any grassy areas, as the leftover chemicals could harm the plants. If these residential driveways are close to any wooden fences, wooden decks or wooden gazebos, then homeowners need to be careful not to spray their residential driveways too wildly, as the chemicals could hurt the wood.

If you take these steps once or twice a year, your driveway will not only look nice, but last longer. If you have any questions about cleaning residential driveways, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more articles like this.

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