Why the Dude Should Have Hired Home Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaning services

So you have this rug. It’s a large area rug of oriental design with a rich red background and delicate blue details with intricate flowers gracing its edges. It’s softer on the feet than your hardwood floors. This rug really ties the room together. Until some henchman looking for money comes into your house and pees all over it. Such is the plight of one man of mistaken identity, a bowler, a potential father, a white russian aficionado who was allegedly a member of the Seattle Seven. He is The Big Lebowski‘s “Dude,” and that urine probably wasn’t the most disgusting thing on that rug.

Carpets are basically caches of germs, dirt, and indoor air pollutants. Every year, tens of millions of tons of dirt falls over the U.S., and a few pounds of that accumulates in our carpets (or rugs). Furthermore, a carpet can actually become home to illness causes viruses like the vomit inducing Norovirus, which can live in a dirty rug for up to a month. If that wasn’t bad enough, carpets can harbor allergens and even mold.

What the Dude should have done was call his local carpet cleaners. Rather than going out and complaining about how well the rug tied the room together he should have been worrying about finding good home carpet cleaners because the best way to rid a rug of dirt, germs, and urine is to hire professional carpet cleaners. Home carpet cleaners can bring your rug back to its original glory without doing any damage to its delicate fibers by using non toxic green carpet cleaning products. A carpet cleaning service can also take care of the rest of the rugs and carpets in your home, regardless of whether or not they have been urinated on by a hired thug. Reference links.

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