Three Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement This Spring

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Now that spring is properly thawing everything out, homeowners are starting to think about installing a deck, patio, or porch to their homes–something to really increase their property value that they can get a lot of use from before they resell. However, it’s better to improve what you already have than to add on it. It’s not only more affordable, but it’ll also boost the home’s resale value by more than any addition.

That being said, one of the best home improvements to do now that the weather has warmed up is to waterproof the basement. Not only does waterproofing have a great return on investment by increasing a home’s value between 10% and 20%, but it’s also incredibly advantageous, particularly to older homes. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should consider waterproofing your basement.

Improve Your Family’s Health.

If your basement has no existing kind of waterproofing, it can be the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Hot, damp basements allow toxic life forms to thrive and quickly spread. Under the right conditions, black mold–the worst and most dangerous kind–can grow in as short a time frame as one or two days, even if there’s only minor seepage. Waterproofing can protect your family from these nasty health threats.

Create a Safer Storage or Living Area.

Waterproofing the basement effectively eliminates the risk of water damage, which is highly beneficial if you plan to use your basement at all. Those who have unfinished basements like to use the areas as storage, but water damage can effectively ruin anything and everything that’s down there. Those with finished basements like to use the areas as lounges or living spaces, but unless there’s waterproofing, the furniture, carpeting, and electronics that are down there will get destroyed.

Reduce Energy Costs.

Waterproofing the basement can actually save energy costs, if you can believe it. This is because you’re sealing up those old cracks that allow heat or cold to leak through or in, which makes your heating and cooling system work all the harder. When it works harder, it uses more energy. If there’s no cracks, the HVAC system can function properly.

Nobody wants a home that’s susceptible to water damage, nor will anyone want to buy a home that has water problems. Waterproofing your home is an excellent decision–one you won’t regret. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. This is a great source for more:

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