Are You Relocating Your Company? How to Improve Your Success

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Every year, a third of all renters in the United States move. This is as true for businesses as it is for private individuals. In fact, in 2013, 32.9% of all corporate businesses considered a relocation. The causes of relocation vary from geographic needs to logistics. Regardless of their reason for moving, however, over 70% of businesses say that they wish their relocation would have gone smoother.

As in anything they do, businesses looking to relocate their company need to protect themselves and ensure their success after the move. Here are three ways to improve the relocation process that can help, not hurt, all professional relocation.

Be Systematic

When packing up your office, you need to be sure you have everything essential. By going room by room with a relocation checklist of the things you need to pack, you can make your move feel much less daunting for both yourself, your employees, and corporate relocation specialist you are using.

Protect the Expensive Equipment

During all company relocation, there is some form of technology in the office that needs to be moved. Oftentimes, that technology is simply computers. Other times, there are laser printers, 3D printers, fax machines, and many more expensive tools. Most modern technology has a section in the manufacturer’s instructions for how to safely move and pack each item. If you have lost this guide, you can often find a copy online. Failing that, contact the manufacturer for a copy so that you can protect your expensive equipment.

Consider Using Relocation Services

Surprisingly, many business owners feel that they only need their employees and a few trucks for a successful relocation. However, this leads to paying for employee services and gasoline. Further, there is no guarantee that using your employees will keep your office items safe. Typical relocation packages offered by the top relocation companies protect your items and get them where they need to be.

Some typical relocation packages now offer the client the ability to use their relocation company as a corporate property real estate agent. Typical relocation packages, in this sense, require businesses to pay 10% of the property’s expected sell price at the onset. If the property does not sell, typical relocation packages will have a standard amount that the relocation company agrees to buy the property for. Using this type of service is a win-win for relocating businesses.

It is often said that a move is only less stressful than a divorce or death in the family for private individuals who are moving. The fact is, however, that a company relocation is not any less stressful. By keeping these three tips in mind, you can greatly streamline the moving process, cutting stress and other costs along the way.

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