Turn Your Kitchen Into Paradise

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When purchasing a home or building one from scratch, the areas that get the most attention are typically the kitchen or living room. Families use their kitchens at least twice a day if not more. If you work at home, you might be in your kitchen more than three times a day. So designing a custom kitchen with elegant countertops and an functional layout is essential. Along with this, cabinetry will ideally match your countertops and provide the aesthetic touch you are looking for. Whether you are refacing cabinets or buying new ones, keep the overall look of your kitchen in mind.

The most popular countertops are granite because of their sleek look and easy maintenance. One of the other advantages of granite countertops is that they can come in pieces or fit over a large countertop with one slab. There are hundreds of different styles, colors, designs and cuts to countertops that you will have to consider. Many new construction homes offer design and layout experts to help you plan your best kitchen. These consultants come from long line of anthropologists who have studied how families use their kitchens. This research helps them guide you through the process of designing an efficient space for your family.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, make sure you have budgeted. If you love high-end appliances and cabinets, you might be looking at spending more than $50,000, the average cost of a kitchen remodel in the past year. Buying granite countertops can cost you anywhere from $38 to $50 per square foot depending on the style you pick out. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be just as expensive if you are looking to install high quality maple or oak finishes. Contemporary kitchen cabinetry offers a variety of woods, cuts and finishes. This can prove to be just as confusing when refacing cabinets if you don’t know all your options.

You might also want to consider using quartz countertops instead of granite. If you know how to clean granite counter tops, you will find quartz easy to maintain, and they are cheaper on the whole. Also think about refacing cabinets instead of buying new ones. Using stock kitchen cabinets are much easier and affordable. You can always sand them again and find a stain that works better for your kitchen. If you’re considering changing your layout to a new model like the “The Work Triangle,” work with a designer to get another opinion about the best countertops and cabinets for your space.

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