Differences in Carpet Cleaning Methods

UPDATED 1/25/21

We understand that carpet cleaning can be a confusing project for a homeowner to undertake. Not only do you have to find a professional, knowledgeable cleaning firm, you must ensure that they are using a cleaning process that you are comfortable with. There are several different cleaning processes used to clean carpets today, and they are called by various names and labels. Here is a brief breakdown of the various options to help you, as a responsible home owner, decide which is best for you.

There are two basic types of cleaning; “dry” cleaning and “wet” cleaning. Both methods employ water to some degree, so it is more accurate terminology to refer to “dry” cleaning with its industry term, Very Low Moisture (VLM)

There are three basic forms of VLM and two basic forms of wet cleaning. If we were to break it down into an outline form, it would look like this.

1. Very Low Moisture cleaning (VLM)

a. Encapsulation Cleaning

b. Bonnet Cleaning

c. Absorbent Compound Cleaning

2. Wet Cleaning

a. Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

b. Shampoo

In general, the VLM methods employ a special polymer product to encapsulate the soils in the carpet and aid in later removal. This process uses very little water and ensures quicker dry times. However, these processes are also somewhat limited in there cleaning ability, particularly on plush residential carpets. VLM cleaning is good option for a light maintenance cleaning or for commercial glue down style carpets, but not a good long term solution for maintaining your homes flooring.

The primary wet cleaning method today is HWE. Wet Shampoo cleaning is (thankfully) a thing of the past. Problems with wet shampoo includes heavy residue left in the carpet leading to re-soiling issues and over-wetting leading to long dry times. Today, HWE (steam cleaning) has largely replaced shampooing. HWE cleaning largely sets the standard for carpet cleaning. With the advent better rinsing technology couples with more powerful vacuums, the challenge of residues and long dry times have largely been overcome. In addition, the invention of superior cleaning solutions have made the threat of re-soiling a non-issue even if a residue is left behind at all.

Carpet cleaning needs to be done by a professional cleaning company. The type of method of cleaning also matters. There are two types of cleaning, wet and dry cleaning. Both use water to some extent.

Cleaning companies have professional equipment used in cleaning. Their services may include sofa cleaning, office cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and pest control services.

Clean home cleaning services do the best regardless of how messy or dirty the home is. The service goes according to one’s schedule — weekly, monthly, or even daily. The services offered include floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, fumigation, sofa set cleaning, and washroom cleaning services.

Professional cleaning comes with modernized equipment that makes the job easy and fast. They wipe down doors, dust furniture, dust light bulbs, and vacuum. They may also mop floors, toilets, and do dishes.

Residential cleaning companies offer services that may not occur very frequently. They offer maid services. The qualifications of being in this type of cleaning are very high. One needs to be honest and trustworthy. Business skills are also necessary for the company to run effectively.

Commercial housekeeping services offer services like tiles, floors, ceilings, windows, and internal wall cleaning. Other services include:

  1. Wall and floor cleaning
  2. Kitchen cleaning
  3. Toilet and bathroom cleaning
  4. Stairway cleaning
  5. Window cleaning
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