Carpet CleaningSioux Falls

With the housing market picking up inSioux Falls, I thought I would share some ideas and observations.

Many homeowners selling their home are having the carpets cleaned before the open house. While this is a great idea it may be an even better idea to have the carpets and upholstery cleaned even before you list the property. Many times the listing agent may get an impression or a mindset of your home when they first visit. Before any agent or realtor sees your home for the fist time, this is the time to spruce up the carpets.

If the agent gets it in his or her mind that the carpets need replacing, they may not even mention your listing to some potential home buyers. Especially if there are pet odors or smoke smells that linger, not to mention stains or loose carpets.

Before you list your property, give us a call. We will help you with the repairs and odors and get the carpets and tile floors ready for the listing.

With all the traffic your listing will generate, you may need some touch ups before or when you turn the property over to the new owner. We will be there with you through the entire process. We want you as a customer for life!

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