Prepare your Home and Finances for a Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is something that you don’t know how to avoid. It could be that your city is in a state of disarray, your water is bad, your energy is gone, your weather is changing too quickly, or your food is going bad. Regardless of the current situation, it’s essential to take action. Here […]

What the Life of a Generator Technician Looks Like

This YouTube video focuses on Jonathan Bailey. He’s a United States Marine veteran and a Prime Power employee. While he’s worked for the company since 2004, he didn’t get to know the business well until he started dealing with the fleet of generator specialists. A Typical Day Johnathan’s day can start as early as 2:30 […]

How Financing for Contractors Works

Most HVAC contractors offer financing to their customers. Are you a contractor who wants to provide financing to your customers but don’t know anything about it? Here’s how to offer financing as a contractor. Why offer HVAC financing? Most contractors provide financing to their customers to maximize their sales efforts. Most homeowners can’t afford upfront […]

Benefits Of Getting A Home Electrical Inspection

A home electrical inspection is a task that will need to be undertaken by a professional electrician. The home electrical inspection services will be crucial, especially when you intend to buy a new house. Remember, there are currently many electrician companies, which means you have options to choose from. However, not all electricians will do […]