Questions a Painting Contractor Should Ask New Clients

Usually, it is the customers or clients who ask the questions to contractors to ensure their service will be up to their expectations. But it is also important for the contractors to ask enough questions. Here are some of those questions.

What do you want me to paint? As simple as this might be, there can be many miscommunications about what the expectations are.

Is there any room you need access to? This question is important for people still living in the rooms you are painting to prevent disruptions.

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Are there certain restrooms we can use? Don’t assume you have free reign of all of the bathrooms in the home.

Some more questions include: do you have a sink I can rinse my tools in? What are your expectations for the project? This sets clear ground rules for what quality and budget you will be working with. As a local painting contractor, make sure to ask the questions you need for a good project.


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