Difference Between Air Conditioning and Heat Pump

Heat pumps and air conditioners are often used interchangeably by people who do not understand the difference (watch the video below to understand the difference between heating and air conditioning). Technically, they are not the same thing. While they both condition the air at home, they have different functions.

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Heat pumps and A/C systems work the same way to cool your home during warmer months, but there is a fundamental difference in how they warm your home during cooler months.

Air Conditioners

An air conditioner works by sending refrigerant through a closed system of coils to cool the air in the house. Air conditioners use electricity to power a fan that blows through the coils and draws out heat as it passes over them. The refrigerant cools and condenses through these coils, transferring the heat outside.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump works differently than an air conditioner. Heat pumps do not generate heat; they use outside air or ground temperatures to warm a home, like a refrigerator with its evaporator coil. The pump has two sets of rings, one inside and one outside, to make it function properly. Call home for more details!


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