This Winter Has Been One of the Harshest in Years

Roofing companies and other contractors in are going to be more than busy after the latest rounds of storms. When the weather forecasters announced that a BOMB cyclone would be impacting weather across the nation earlier in the week, few could have imagined just what that meant. But hurricane force winds combined with record amounts of snow closed down the entire Denver area. And while the news may have mostly focused on the closing of Denver’s International Airport, there were many home owners who were trying to come to grips with the damages that they have seen on their residential properties.

Finding the right roofing company, as well as the other kinds of contractors is the first step to making sure that the storm recovery process goes as smoothly as possible.

Is Your Home in Need of Repairs After a Rough Winter Storm?

From roofing materials to the need for gutter repairs, there are many times when a winter storm has residual effects that will require hours, and sometimes weeks and months, or work. Roof repairs can be costly, but they are also worth the investment that it takes to get the highest quality materials and have them installed by the most experienced professionals.
The latest research indicates that home owners are most likely to repair roofs following weather damage. In fact, 65% said it was their main motivation in a consumer survey. Fortunately, there are many times when an insurance company will cover the costs of roof replacement after a major weather event. Even if you have to pay a substantial deductible, or worse yet pay for the whole thing yourself, it is always important to do your research and purchase the highest quality materials.

For instance, in some parts of the country there are some kinds of roofs that work better. For example, in some states, like Texas, a metal roof can even lower a home owner’s insurance by as much as 35%. These metal roofs, in addition providing home owner’s insurance discounts, are also environmentally friendly. In fact, metal roofs typically have a minimum of 25% recycled content.

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