Maybe Now Is Time For That New Bathroom!

Are looking to rip that carpet up in your living room and put down some hardwood? Maybe you want to opt for a beautiful and colorful backsplash for your kitchen? Or what about finally putting in that new bathtub you have been fawning over for a year? Then maybe now is the time to join the nearly two-thirds of homeowners, that is two out of every three, planning to renovate their home and finally get the updates you want.

What is renovating? Renovating, also known alternatively as remodeling, is taking a part of your home that is damaged or outdated and giving it a new makeover. This is especially common for homeowners that just bought a home and are looking to replace things that they might deem is not tasteful. Not everyone likes the same styles and colors. It is also common for older homes to get a face lift, like structural repairs.

One of the common remodeling decisions is the bathroom, even more so considering 90 percent of homeowners, in the wake of an upgrade, also make the decision to renovate their master bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can be a joyous opportunity to choose a bathroom design that not only scores style points on your scale, but offer needs and idiosyncrasies your last bathroom design did not have. And as an added bonus, a new bathroom design addition can score you an average of 86.4 percent ROI, or in its long form: return of investment. This means, depending on what you put into it, you can actually increase its value by more than what was invested. Get in touch with some bathroom remodeling contractors!

Another popular remodeling choice is the kitchen. The average cost spent on remodeling a kitchen can be a bit pricey, sitting at around $42,000 in the United States during 2018. But just like the prospect of a new bathroom design, a fresh, new kitchen design can be just as rewarding. In fact, 76 percent of homeowners feel the need to include kitchens in their remodeling projects. Even the National Associates of Home Builders have found 69 percent of jobs requested were specifically for kitchens, according to a survey they conducted. It was also listed as their second most popular job request. If you are looking to put to use those kitchen design ideas floating around in your head, it might be now!

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