Taking At Ecologically Sound Flooring Options Here In the United States

If you’re looking for new flooring in your home, consider the next bamboo flooring sale. The typical bamboo flooring sale has become truly more popular than ever before here in the United States, among people of all ages and home owners of all types. After all, the average bamboo flooring sale offers a sound alternative to many of the other types of flooring found here in the United States. From locking bamboo floors to gray bamboo floors to discount bamboo flooring, your average bamboo flooring sale is likely to have it all.

But why choose to buy strand bamboo flooring or the like from a bamboo flooring sale instead of simply just buying a more commonplace type of wood flooring? After all, hardwood floors are still incredibly popular and so valuable that more than half of all prospective home owners (around 54% of them, to be more exact) have said that they would actually pay more for a home that incorporated bamboo flooring all throughout it. After all, hardwood flooring options tend to be very aesthetically pleasing as well as quite long lasting, provided that it is given the proper care and maintenance over the years.

Unfortunately, however, hardwood flooring options are not usually all that environmentally friendly in the grand scheme of things, unless they are, of course, made from reclaimed wood. This is due to the fact that we cannot simply just plant new trees to replace the ones that have already been cut down, as even the fastest growing hardwood tree will typically take as many as 20 full years before reaching the age of maturation. In some cases, hardwood trees of certain types can take anywhere from 40 to 60 years before becoming fully matured, meaning that far more trees are being cut down than can simply be replaced by planting new ones.

And though up to 30% of the entirety of the world is covered in forest land, cutting down trees at the rate that we are (on a global scale) is likely to decimate this percentage quite significantly over the course of the years that are to come. Not only will this have a hugely harmful effect on things like global warming and our ability to use wood products, but it will also severely damage the ecosystems that can be found in these forests as well, potentially even wiping out whole species of plants and animals as time continues to pass on and deforestation ramps up.

Fortunately, however, the typical bamboo flooring sale can provide strand bamboo floors and other types of bamboo flooring to meet the need for hardwood flooring but in a much more ecologically friendly way. After all, the tallest of the different types of bamboo plants – the Phyllostachys bamboo plant, can grow as many as five feet in a single year. And the average bamboo plant can reach full maturation in only just three years, meaning that bamboo plants can be harvested and harvested again with relative ease and no detriment to our planet as a whole, as they provide a much more sustainable solution to flooring than many a hardwood flooring material is able to do.

And the bamboo floor types that are sold at the typical bamboo flooring sale are likely to be of a very high quality as well. After all, bamboo flooring is incredibly hard, harder even than most traditional hardwood floors themselves. In fact, according to the Janka test, a test that is used to measure hardness, only about three types of woods can actually create floors that are harder than your average bamboo flooring. These woods are that of Brazilian Teak, Tiete Chestnut, and another Brazilian wood, Brazilian Walnut. All other types of hardwood flooring, however, are less hard than bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring is also ideal because it is so very easy to install. In fact, snap and lock flooring is common with bamboo flooring, making it less than a hassle to get your new bamboo flooring in place. And once it is in place, this flooring is likely to last you for a long time.

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