Increase Your Curb Appeal and Lower Your Energy Bills With Window and Roof Replacements

An invaluable service is provided by commercial roofers to commercial business owners and homeowners on a daily basis. These experts can help keep roofing systems in good working order and can also handle repairs and maintenance needs when they arise. From common asphalt shingles to more complicated materials and designs, these professionals know what to do with your roof to keep it in the best possible shape season after season.

They can help you estimate asphalt roof shingles cost per square foot, so you can accurately budget for roofing work that you have planned. You can also get custom estimates from them for things such as asphalt shingle roof cost per square foot installed and treated. Simple or more advanced services and care options are also easy to attain with their assistance.

From determining asphalt shingles price per square and negotiating installation fees and budgets, to managing daily routine care and maintenance protocols, roofing experts provide an invaluable service that we cannot go without. So, when you need help with your asphalt shingles roof repair or general maintenance, be sure to call the local roofing experts for optimal service and peace of mind!

Houzz conducted a survey on home renovation projects. The results showed that in 2014, over 50% of the participants renovated their residences. While 80% of the homeowners upgraded their house’s main structures, 62% upgraded the outdoor structures and/or living spaces. At the present time, surveys show that almost 66% of homeowners are making plans to upgrade or otherwise renovate their residences.

Typical Home Repair and Maintenance Costs

In general, homeowners spend approximately one to four percent of their home’s overall value every year to take care of basic maintenance and repairs. As a house ages, this amount will usually increase due to normal wear and tear and other factors, such as extreme weather conditions. If a house is worth $200,000, for example, homeowners will often pay a minimum of $2,000.00 per year to take care of routine repairs and general maintenance. This cost is likely to increase as the decades pass.

Recommended Upgrades and Renovations

Window and roof replacements are two effective types of upgrades. These can both make a significant impact on a house”s curb appeal, maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and resale value. When high-quality replacement windows are installed, they will usually last for 20 years or more. Their longevity does depend on the material with which they’re constructed as well as whether or not they are well-maintained.

When a house’s windows allow outside air to come in and indoor air to escape, this can make a difference on overall energy bills. Recent figures show that this situation can increase energy usage and bills by as much as ten percent to 25%. If high-quality dual-paned replacement windows are installed, however, this can practically double a household’s energy efficiency.

There are different types of roofing materials, some of which tend to have a longer lifespan than others. Keeping any roof well-maintained and repaired does make a difference in how long it will last. Inclement weather makes a difference in this regard.

Asphalt roofs, for example, will usually last for 15 to 25 years. Galvanized metal roofs tend to last between 30 to 50 years. Stainless steel and aluminum roofs will last the longest at 50 years.

Basic Replacement Costs for Windows and Roofs

The cost to replace windows and roofs will vary and depend on the materials used as well as other factors. On average, the cost of a window replacement in the United States is $500.00. The overall price range is approximately $300.00 to $700.00 per window.

The price range for a standard 2,200-to-2,600 square foot roof replacement will range between $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. This is the typical cost for homeowners that choose to replace their own roofs. Professional roofing contractors, however, will charge between $2,000.00 to $8,500.00 to replace an entire roof. Unless a homeowner is a skilled roofer or contractor, it makes sense to hire a professional to perform this task.

Consult With a Contractor

If you’re planning to launch a home improvement project, then you’ll want to schedule a consultation with a contractor. Whether you’re thinking about a total home remodel, replacement windows, or new roofing, your contractor will be able to discuss your ideas and make additional recommendations. Once you’ve had these and other projects taken care of, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll want to focus on your outdoor living spaces next.


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