Homeowners Can Save 10% Or More On Their Water Bills By Fixing Their Leaks Here’s How It Works

You may be in the middle of one of the best seasons for happy pipes, but that’s no reason not to be proactive.

Clogged drains, cracked pipes and leaking pipes can all suck your hard-earned money right out of your wallet. Even worse? They can be tricky to spot, particularly if you live a busy life and don’t have time to check every single thing that goes wrong in your home. A commercial plumber will have the experience and the resources to provide you the solutions you need to save money no matter the season. This can mean a brand new water installation or something as simple as a quick fix for a pipe that just won’t stop dripping.

Sound good to you? Here are five things commercial plumbing can do for you before winter hits.

Commercial Plumbing Is Nothing New

Think plumbing is a brand new invention? Think again. Indoor plumbing dates back to 2,500 B.C., with some historians believing it could have been found even earlier. Ancient Egypt was one of the pioneers of this incredible invention, gradually spreading its knowledge to all corners of the world and turning these basic needs into complex everyday staples. Despite the advances we’ve made in technology, far too many homeowners can take their indoor plumbing for granted and put themselves in a bad spot when the weather gets cold.

A Leaky Faucet Seems Minor, But It Wastes Big Bucks

Got a leaky faucet? It’s time to get it fixed. While these issues can seem minor, recent studies have shown you can lose quite a bit of your hard-earned cash. It’s estimated 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more per day. A leaky faucet that drips just twice per minute can waste over one gallon of water in a week. Likewise, fixing these easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners at least 10% on their household water bills.

Water Heating Is Expensive…So Save Some Money Now

Sometimes you need a quick check-up to figure out your indoor plumbing situation. Other times you need a new installation to save you money consistently over the year. The most common signs you’re in need of a water heater installation is a shower that runs cold far too early or a sink that fails to get hot when you need it. Water heating accounts for nearly 20% of your home’s energy usage, so a new water installation could be the final touch on your recent renovations you’ve been waiting for.

Prepare For The Winter By Checking Your Pipes

Don’t wait for the weather to turn cold before you start checking your pipes. Failing to do this can set you up for a very costly leak, or flood, in the dead of winter. Nearly 40% of all frozen pipe failures occur in the basement, which is the number one area in the house prone to flooding. Old or cracked pipes run the risk of being clogged or breaking more easily, so reaching out to a plumber now will save you a lot of trouble. Whether it’s a new drainage system or water heater installation, there’s a lot to gain when you be proactive instead of reactive.

Let A Commercial Plumber Handle The Rest

You’ve got a leaky faucet that just won’t stop dripping no matter what you do. You’ve been going back and forth on your decision to invest in a new water heater installation. Whatever you’ve been considering this month, let plumbers in your area handle the rest. It’s estimated a trillion gallons of water, or $6 billion in damages and loss, are wasted every single year due to running toilets and leaky faucets. On the other hand, homeowners that fix their leaks and pipes now will save a significant chunk on their bill every single month. If that sounds good…

…there’s a plumbing check-up session with your name on it. See for yourself how a new water heater installation or toilet repair can put a smile on your face.

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