The Top Four Questions Homeowners Should Ask Themselves About Their Rain Gutters

Every homeowner knows about the importance of having a solid roof over their home, but what about the gutters? They also play an important role in your home, since they help direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation, helping it stay safe from rapid wear and tear.

This means that if you need gutter repair, you should have it done as soon as possible. Depending on the time of year, you may also benefit immensely from a clean gutter service that may also advise you about the different gutter guards in existence.

Your downspout and gutter systems need to be in good shape at all times because you don’t want to risk the trouble that could come about as a result of failed gutters. To this end, visit your local hardware store and look at the gutter and downspout supplies to find the ones that you need. Doing this can help you know the amount of money that you need to spend on repairing or replacing your gutters either in part or as a whole.

You’ll keep your home looking as amazing as it functions if you can do this. Look for a local roofer who you trust to keep your gutters in good shape along with the roof and your home will look and feel amazing for a long time to come.

Updated 8/3/22

Gutters are an essential part of your home. They keep water away from the foundation and roof. By taking care of your drainage system, you prevent water damage and extend the life of your roof. So, ensure the downspouts and gutters are clean to function properly. The first step is to inspect gutters frequently. You can hire a gutter company to check which shape the gutters are in. If there are signs of corrosion, the company will check for holes or leaking joints and do repairs. To ensure the water flows freely, remove debris and clean the gutters. Use handheld blowers to remove loose and light leaves or a gutter scoop to scrap compacted debris. This will ensure you have no clog rain gutters when the rain comes.

Sometimes it’s more than debris that prevents your gutters from working effectively. Parts of the gutter system may have small holes and cracks. Hire a professional to cover and repair any wear in your gutters. If the gutters have large holes, you can replace the damaged sections. Once the gutters are in order, hire a roof gutter cleaning service and perform any other needed maintenance. What is guttering made of? The choice of material depends on the individual homeowner. Some use galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or stainless steel.

Uh-oh. The rainy season has arrived once again. Is it time to check your gutters?

Taking good care of your home is not unlike taking care of yourself. You pop vitamins to stave off a cold and try to get some exercise to keep yourself in fighting shape. Clearing out your gutters and checking for leaks is not much different, giving your home a much better opportunity to keep cold, frost and snow at bay. Your rain gutters are designed with the express purpose of redirecting excess water and reducing strain on your roof. When they’re unable to drain they can clog and even break, giving you a nasty repair to tend to once the weather turns around.

Answer these quick questions and figure out whether or not you could use some gutter cleaning services this year!

Fun Facts

Gutters have been around a long time. How long? Try early 20th century long. In fact, some ancient societies have shown similar devices in major cities meant to redirect water flow and keep areas from flooding. Talk about bringing back the classics! The average roof in America will collect over 600 gallons of water with just an inch of rainfall. For comparison, an eighth of an inch of rain is enough to fill a 54 gallon rain barrel. Starting to appreciate your rain gutters now?

Have I Cleaned My Gutters Lately?

Let’s start with the easiest question on the list. Have you had your rain gutters cleaned out recently? Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice per year, corresponding with wet spring and frigid winter. This means checking them for clogs, personally removing debris that could cause a problem and patching up any minor cracks you see. Every gallon of rain water weighs eight pounds, so that means even the tiniest issue with your gutter’s foundation can cause a major problem over time.

What Kind Of Gutters Do I Own?

Now for the next question. Do you know what kind of gutters your home is equipped with? This knowledge can help you determine whether or not you need gutter repair or a new gutter installation entirely. Copper gutters are useful because they don’t rust and don’t need painting, taking a big weight off the shoulders of busy homeowners. They are even estimated to last up to 100 years in any climate with minimal upkeep! K-style gutters are known for having twice the capacity as their half-round cousins, so those living in a temperamental climate should take note.

How Are My Downspouts Faring?

For those that want to get into the nitty gritty, this question will determine just how efficient your gutter is in keeping your home free from excess water. Your downspout extensions should be directed at least two meters away from your foundation walls. Double-check to make sure it’s not flowing toward your neighbor’s home, either! Downspout extensions are meant to keep water going where it needs to go, so making sure it’s going to your road or back yard will do wonders for keeping everyone sane in the rainy seasons.

Have I Called Commercial Gutter Services?

If you’re still not sure about whether or not your gutters will be able to hold up to this season’s flurry, give your gutter maintenance services a call. They can give your gutter a thorough inspection and make sure nothing slips past you as you prepare for the onslaught of winter. They can clear out any lingering clogs, check for leaks and even determine whether or not you could use a new installation. This latter element is more viable for older homes that might have gutters built with weaker materials. No matter where you stand, a check-up for your rain gutters will help keep your home from coming down with a proverbial cold.


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