Picture Windows to Brighten Your World

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You want your home to shine. Whether you are marveling up at it from the curb, or enjoying the amount of natural light that makes its way into your home, the windows have a lot to do with the aesthetics and atmosphere of the home. Perhaps the windows played a major role in deciding to move in, or perhaps you have updated the windows to your liking. But if you’re still looking through the same old windows, you might not even realize what you’re missing out on. It might be time to talk to a window professional to find out what all you can do to upgrade your home so that it shines how you have always imagined.

Exterior work on your home

Maybe you have never really thought about changing the window situation in your home. But you could at least consider new options when you update the rest of the outside of your home. A typical roof should be regularly inspected, at least one or two times a year, and if you are working with a roof service that has more experience than just new roofing installations, you might be able to get some good advice on your windows as well. Whether you want new picture windows, garden windows, or something unique, it’s always a good time to at least assess your window situation.

If you are like most homeowners, you likely have several home projects on your to do list. And if you are doing your best to keep your home in the best shape possible, you are probably very familiar with the routine of fixing things up, checking things out, and getting things done around the house. This is because maintaining a home requires this diligent and continuous hard work to be the beautiful, efficient, and functional house that you want it to be. A homeowner typically spends an average of 1% to 4% of the house’s value on repairs and maintenance every year. This, of course, tends to increase as the house grows older and needs more care. From professional siding and new roofing to special custom windows exactly where you want them, keeping up on your house keeps it looking and feeling like your dream home.

Why it’s time to focus on your windows

Your windows may appear to be just fine, without any cracks or majorly visible issues. But it is definitely about more than just appearance with your windows. An average home can lose up to 38% of heat through doors and windows that are not properly installed or maintained. If those picture windows that let in all that light are drafty and single pane, the heat loss could rise to 50%. Storm windows could help maintain the temperature of the house, reducing the wasted money and energy, but you should have a professional examine your entry windows to the picture windows upstairs to ensure that all of your windows are properly sealed.

Working on your home can seem like a never ending to do list, but just keep in mind that everything that you do for you home betters it in the long run. You are continuing to invest in your future, and as you do, you can continue to build closer to your vision of your dream home.

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