Considerations for Landscape Lighting

Holiday landscape lighting

While we all know how much interior decorating can fill a home with warmth and personality, we can’t factor out the effects of landscaping on a home. As part of landscaping, lighting is crucial. In fact, nearly half of prospective home owners considered outdoor lighting an essential feature. But when considering the benefits of landscape lighting, the homeowner must take into account what they want from their home.

Almost 70% of people use their outdoor spaces for relaxing, perhaps decompressing after a long day at work, perhaps as a way to take a few minutes to themselves. In these cases, it would be important for landscape lighting design to reflect that mood. Patio lighting can provide a warm feel to a backyard, brightening the evening and allowing the homeowner to enjoy their outdoor space for a longer time period during the day and night. One of the benefits of landscape lighting is this continued use of the space. Outdoor lighting can also include path lighting or even pond lights, further illuminating more space in the yard for enjoyment long past the sunset.

Outdoor lighting can also improve the presentation and overall appearance of a home. One of the benefits of landscape lighting is how it boosts curb appeal. In fact, almost 20% of homeowners consider landscape lighting the MOST important part of boosting curb appeal.

To have the best landscape lighting possible, it is probably a good idea to hire a landscape lighting company. They can help you decide where to best place your lights and what to light in your yard. The options are almost endless, from deck lighting to path lighting to pond lighting to porch lighting, so having a professional to speak with can almost definitely help the decision making process go smoothly.

It’s also important to consider updates in the years after you install your outdoor lighting. For example, more and more homeowners are choosing LED lights. This type of lighting uses only a small percentage of what normal lights do while still provide more than 80% light output. LEDs can save a huge amount of energy, and are therefore more environmentally conscious and cost effective.

There are lots of benefits to landscape lighting, but it’s important to let your outdoor lighting reflect your home and your vision for that home.

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