Building From the Ground Up The Proper Use of Construction Equipment

Poly crane mats

There is still quite a bit of speculation about just how the pyramids and other massive structures from ancient times were erected. It wasn’t until quite recently that mankind has had the heavy duty equipment required for such impressive works. And now, of course, looming structures tower higher than ever, as mankind continues to build skyward.

But these days there is not much of a mystery as to how those buildings get so tall. The modern machinery that is used to build more and more of humanity’s marks higher and higher into the clouds is nearly as impressive as the structures that it helps to create. And equally as impressive is the bravery of the men and women who operate and move around in the machines such as cranes and hoists, from high above the ground.

Ensuring you have the right equipment

Anyone who has worked for any amount of time in construction or other fields that require the use of heavy machinery knows that in order to operate these massive machines, a great deal of training and practice must occur. Often times one must also obtain official certification signifying that they are licensed to run that equipment. In obtaining that training, you will learn about all of the other elements that go into the proper functioning of a major piece of machinery such as a crane. Ground protection mats such as steel crane pads and AlturnaMats ground protection mats are perfect examples of the additional thought that must go into a project.

What do Alturnamats ground protection mats do?

Alturnamats ground protection mats are meant to both keep the ground intact to avoid landscaping costs later on, and to avoid getting the heavy vehicle stuck in a rut created by the movement and enormous weight of the machine. While these types of protection mats are frequently used with heavy ground vehicles such as loaders and excavators, outrigger pads are typically used with machines like cranes to stabilize them, providing support and preventing them from sinking into soil.

Whatever your construction goals, your number one priority should be safety. Make sure that you and all machine operators have been properly trained, and if necessary, certified to operate the vehicles and equipment in question.

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