Bathrooms and Kitchens The Most Popular Remodeling Projects

Ceramic tile for a bathroom

A survey conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders found that bathroom remodeling is the most requested job, and accounts for 78% of all home renovation projects. More specifically, master bathroom remodels are at the top of many homeowner’s wish lists. A Houzz survey discovered that 60% of the participants were planning to remodel their master bathrooms during the upcoming year.

After bathroom remodels, the second most popular request is for kitchen remodels. The National Association of Home Builders survey found that these remodeling projects accounted for 69% of the requested jobs.

When people have their bathrooms and kitchens remodeled, many choose to have mosaic tile designs for their floors, counters, and wall treatments. Subway tiles are popular for both bathroom and kitchen floors. A simple or ornate backsplash can be included in the kitchen, and choices include both stone or glass tiles.

For homeowners planning to have a glass shower enclosure in their master bathroom, mosaic tile designs can provide a bold, elegant, or even whimsical element. There are different types of tile treatments, each with their own distinct style. There are, of course, many different color palettes from which to choose.

Whether you’re planning a DIY tile installation project or are working with a contractor and interior designer, you may be interested in knowing more information about a few different types of tiles. You are probably aware that subway tiles are usually rectangular, and are available in these and other configurations:

    4-by-8-inch planks
    1-by-2-inch mosaics
    2-by-8-inch strips

When measuring your project’s space, remember that eight 3-by-6-inch subway tiles will equal one square foot. Since it’s important to allow for breakage and other unforeseen issues, it’s a good practice to round your project space’s dimensions up to the next square foot and include 10%-to-15% more tile. It’s better to have extra tile on hand rather than interrupting a project to buy more tile.

It’s also important to know about PEI ratings, which indicates a tile’s strength. Depending on where the tile is going to be installed, it may not stand up to traffic and usage without the correct PEI rating, When you prepare to buy ceramic tile, consider these guidelines:

    PEI Class 1: Wall tiles
    PEI Class 2: Bathroom walls and floors
    PEI Class 3: Countertops and light foot traffic
    PEI Class 4: Kitchen floors and heavy foot traffic

      PEI Class 5: Flooring with commercial-level foot traffic

    You may also be interested to know that porcelain tiles are made with a combination of ingredients and are fired at a higher temperature. Due to being dense, hard-wearing, and stain resistant, porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for shower floor tile as well as other surfaces that require sturdier surfaces.

    When you have your bathroom or kitchen remodeled, there are so many tile options available. From ceramic tile that looks like wood to ornate mosaic tile designs, you will be able to find the right tile to create the space you envision.

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