Are You Looking After Your Home Heating System?

Faulty boiler

Our home heating systems are workhorses. Perhaps not so much if you live in a mostly tropical clime (lucky you!), but for those of us dealing with dreary winter skies and chill, a cozy warm home is a daily must. But when we are relying on our home heating systems to do this daily job, it is absolutely necessary to ensue those systems are in tip top condition. You may think that your old HVAC unit has seen its last days of sparkling newness, however regardless of how old boilers or furnaces are, proper maintenance can keep them running smoothly, and keep you and your home in cozy warmth this winter. Read below for a few tips on what you can do to take care of your home heating system.

Air conditioning systems last around 10 to 15 years, depending on usage and maintenance. So if yours is older than 15 years; or makes simply weird sounds when starting up; shuts off intermittently; does not actually heat your home sufficiently; or is costing you an exorbitant amount, it may be time to replace home heating systems instead of drawing up a new maintenance schedule. If none of these conditions apply, that’s great. You have a couple more years with your heating system.

You may wonder what an exaggerated heating bill looks like. Everyone would like to save more money, and utility bills are usually looked upon with suspicion. To give a ball park figure, the average American home spends around 2.7% of their total income on energy bills each month. The numerical value is a median $2,000 a year. To lower your bill, try installing a programmable thermostat to keep an eye on the temperature for you, that turns off the heat when the preferred temperature is reached.

Home heating systems need to be kept clean, with the hoses inspected once a month. Check for strains and breakages. There should be no moisture on the outside of the appliance. If you are unsure how to do an inspection, or what to look for, or simply would rather not, hire a technician. They can come and finish an inspection according to a schedule, and recommend repairs or replacements. For an appliance that can potentially eat up quite a bit of your income, keeping it in good working order is a small price to pay.

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