Why Rent Construction Equipment?

Portable lifting equipment

In the past five years, there has been a construction boom in the United States, and with it comes a variety of new developments in construction equipment, as well as increased quality and efficiency for existing equipment designs. Construction equipment rental services make it their practice to stay up to date on new technologies and designs, and to provide the best machinery and support for their clients.

There are a few different types of equipment that are most often used. A 2011 study reports that crawler dozers, crawler excavators, aerial work platforms, and wheel loaders were the most used products. Overall the three main categories are earthmoving equipment, aerial lifts, and telehandlers.

Earthmoving equipment
The top three most used machines for earthmoving are excavators, backhoe loaders, and bulldozers. These heavy-duty construction vehicles do a lot of the foundational work in many projects. These machines can be very expensive, especially for a smaller or beginning company. For example, a mid-range excavator weighing 15 to 20 tons can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000. Clearly, renting is a better idea for many projects; a daily rental costs about $500 per day.

Aerial lifts
Lifts are machines that can carry people to a particular height and hold them steady while they carry out operations. It prevents the need for scaffolding and can save time and money. Bucket trucks, articulated boom lifts, and scissor lifts are three types that are often used.

A telescopic handler, or telehandler, is used widely in the fields of agriculture and industry. Pallet forks and other attachments can be affixed to the telehandler to customize and vary its uses, making it able to reach places that a conventional forklift cannot. When it comes to lifts, a purchase can run between $11,000 and $13,000, while a rental averages slightly under $200 daily.

You might think that buying is a better option, but there is more to consider besides the cost of the machinery itself, such as storage and maintenance costs. The more machines you need, the more space you need to store them, and the more you?ll spend on repairs and upkeep. However, when you use construction equipment rental services, there are several benefits. First, you?ll have more different equipment available, more choices and capabilities to choose from, giving you a greater breadth of potential projects to bid on. You don?t have to worry about repairs, or insurance, since those are the responsibility of the construction equipment rental services company. In addition, you don?t have to worry about upgrading outdated equipment, or explaining to clients that you can?t afford to invest in the newest construction equipment technologies.

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