What a Metal Roof Can Do for your Home and Your Wallet

Metal roofing sheets such as aluminum sheets for roofs are common materials used in buildings. It is affordable but strong and fairly low maintenance. Black corrugated metal roofing sheets tend to have a sleek look and more of a modern appearance compared to regular silver steel.

While installation and repair of a metal roof might seem easy, they still require the skilled eye and expertise of a professional roofer. Local metal roofing contractors‘ pricing will differ one from the other and getting a few quotations might help. A 40-year metal roof has seen its days and a replacement should be on the table for consideration.

Metal roofs can last up to 60 years depending on how well they are maintained throughout their lifespan. Corrugated metal panels black might also be an ideal choice for siding and it can create a beautiful facade for your home. Metal roofs are easy to maintain and thus also another favorite choice. Best of all they are also excellent against the weather. Because of the insulation, a metal roof can also help reduce your energy bill in winter as it keeps heat in. So, check with your contractor for the best roof options and start with that.

Whether you are considering building a new home or replacing your old roof, metal roofing is an appealing option. Besides being durable, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other roofing options. Curved corrugated metal roofing can also maintain coolness in the home during summer. In the past, metal roofs were commonly used in commercial projects. Today, however, the cheapest standing seam metal roofing is also used in residential property. Many people in the US wonder, can you put a metal roof over existing shingles?

The answer is yes, homeowners can install a new metal roof over their old shingle roof. Tearing down an existing roof can be a time-intensive and costly exercise that many homeowners would rather avoid. Choosing a metal roof is one of the methods homeowners can use to skip the old roof removal process. Rain on a metal roof can be soothing, explaining why the sound is available on meditation applications and noise machines.

Further, corrugated roof sheeting prices are friendly. Nearly every US resident can afford to install a metal roof on their property. Before choosing any roofing option, you must research and understand its pros based on your needs. All of these reasons make choosing a metal roof a great option.


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When homeowners are looking for a new roof, they have some options. Many do not realize how great an investment a metal roof can be. Residential roofing company experts report that there are a lot of real benefits to using this material on roofs.

Metal roofs last longer than other kinds of roofs do.

Metal roofs do not decompose. They are impervious to the impact of UV rays from the sun. They are wind and water resistant. None of these things can be said of any other kind of roofing material. In, the average age of a metal roof when it reaches the end of its lifespan is 50. Some kinds of metal roofs, when treated with the right coating, can last for a century.

When you compare that lifespan to asphalt shingled roofs, which last between 12 and 20 years, wood or shake roofs, which last about 20 years, you can see that metal roofs are a wise investment. Asphalt shingles start to break down the moment they are laid on a home. Even barring extreme weather events, they just cannot hold up to the elements. Even the sun poses a threat to asphalt. The other kinds of roofs are also vulnerable to damage from the weather. Shingles can be very badly damaged by wind. They blow off and have to be replaced by the local residential roofing company. Concrete or tile roofs have their own problems with the weather. They are particularly vulnerable to damage from ice.

Having to replace your roof less often will save a lot of money. In fact, your metal roof will most likely last for the time you own your home.

Metal roofs are very versatile.

Your local residential roofing company can work with you to get the exact look you want for your home with a metal roof. There are a huge array of styles and colors that you can get with a metal roof. It matters not what style of home you have, nor what the neighborhood looks like or the weather you contend with, you can get a metal roof that fits the bill.

Metal roofs are very eco-friendly.

When a residential roofing company installs a metal roof, they typically use at least 25% recycled materials. Moreover, at the end of the lifespan of the roof, the entire thing can be recycled. The same cannot be said of asphalt shingled roofs. Approximately 20 billion pounds of these shingles are sent to landfills in the United States every year. This data have been reported by the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center. So rather than installing a roof that will end up in a and fill where it will just add to global warming, you can have a metal roof that is part of the solution.

Metal roofing will cut your energy bills.

Metal roofs have great Energy Star ratings. Because they reflect, rather than absorb, the UV rays from the sun, they stay cooler. Some experts believe that a metal roof can be as much as 100 degrees lower than other kinds of roofing materials. This means the home is a lot cooler and the costs associated with cooling it in the summer are lower by between 15 to 20%. In the winter, as much as 40% of heating is lost through the roof. Metal roofs do a much better job insulating a house and keeping more of the heat inside the home. This is another way they are great for the environment. Using less energy helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.

They keep you safer.

If you live in an area of the country that sees a lot of wildfires, metal roofs can keep you and your family safe. They are fire resistant, whereas other kinds of roofs are not. Many people do not realize this but the United States sees the most volatile weather on the planet. From hurricanes to tornadoes and blizzards, having a roof that can withstand these forces can go a long way to keeping you and your family safe during a bad storm.

When you talk to your local residential roofing company about what kind of roof you should install, talk to them about your options vis-a-vis metal roofing.


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