When is the Right Time to Replace Your House’s Roof?

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When it is time for a new roof replacement? It can be difficult to gauge the correct time to replace your house?s roof. Sometimes, minor repairs can be made that work efficiently and correct any immediate problems. However, these repairs can become less successful over time and can put the roof at risk of leaks. As entire roof replacements can be costly, it is important to prepare and plan for your new roof. Consider replacing your roof in the follow conditions.

Following severe roof damage

Some weather conditions can be especially hard on your home?s roof. Heavy amounts of snowfall can damage the structure of the roof and make it weaker. High winds can actually pull parts of the roof off. If a tree falls onto your roof, it can damage much of it. If your roof experiences a lot of damage during an accident or extreme weather condition, consider replacing rather than repairing. It is likely that much of the structure of the roof was damaged, making it risky to only repair some parts of the roof.

Following multiple repairs

Multiple repairs often means that your roof is falling apart. If you find yourself having to have a roof repair done every few months, you may want to consider have new roofing installation services completed. You might find that after multiple roof repairs you could have just had new roofing installation completed instead. Pay attention to the parts of your roof that require additional roof repairs.

Multiple repairs on the roof can also affect other parts of the home. The more patching and repair work that is done, the more areas that heat and air conditioning are able to escape from. A typical family spends about a third of its annual heating and cooling budget, roughly $350, on air that leaks into or out of the house through unintended gaps and cracks. This number increases significantly when you also have numerous roof cracks to leak out of. New roofing installation can actually drastically reduce heating and cooling costs of the home.

After many years

Over time, roofs become weaker and less sturdy. Flat roofs can become soft in some spots, making them more dangerous. When your home?s roof is over 10 years old, you should at least have it inspected once or twice a year. This can prevent major damages to the roof, which can also cause damages to the inside of your house, such as water damage. Water damage costs an average of $2,386 to fix, with removing standing water at an average reported cost of $2,688. Wind damage is significantly more at $5,757, sometimes reaching $10,000 or more. Fire and smoke damage often reaches $4,172.

When other parts of your home are damaged

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, however, without the gutters and siding, it would not be as strong. New roofing installation should also be accompanied by gutter installation and attic ventilation. If your roof is repaired for damaged, you will also need to check the integrity of your gutters also. Gutter repairs take a lot of the weight off of the roof, making it last longer. The ventilation is important for proper removal of air from the home, but it needs to be secure enough to prevent outside weather conditions from making it through.

Your roof is crucial to the safety of your home. It is what will protect you from dangerous weather conditions and the excess heat and cold temperatures. It can be difficult to know when the right time is to replace your entire roof. Too many roof repairs can actually be bad for the roof, and can cost you more money in the long run. You should also consider replacing your entire roof when severe weather conditions cause excessive damage to it.

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