Is Your Lawn Out of Control? Good News! You Don’t Have to Take Care of it by Yourself!

Natural lawn care

When you think of the classic “American dream” home, you probably picture a cute little ranch style house, a freshly painted, whit picket fence, and an impossibly green, manicured lawn to top it all off. While your home may not fit the traditional picture, your lawn can go above and beyond with the right tools, and the right lawn care.

Nearly 85% of home owners think that having a yard is important, and over 90% of those with yards think it’s important to keep them well-maintained and manicured. Your yard can be so much more than a patch of fenced-in grass, and all you have to do is decide how you want to spend your time there. Are you a fan of backyard parties? A big grilling fan? Maybe a party deck is the right upgrade for you. Or maybe you like relaxing by a crackling fire a little bit more than barbecue, and a stone patio with a sunken fire pit is more your style. Whether you’re a gardening buff, a dog trainer, or anything between, the perfect yard is out there for you.

Sometimes people avoid utilizing lawn care and landscaping services because
of the harsh chemicals used as pesticides, but more and more eco friendly and green lawncare options are becoming available. Environmentally friendly lawncare is definitely taking hold on home owners who want to protect not only their gardens, but their pets and children, too. Safer lawn care means a safer home! If you have a dog, you’ve probably witnessed the green muzzle that can only mean someone’s been eating the grass. With pet friendly lawncare, and green lawncare, you can be absolutely certain that your yard is safe for your pet to roll around in and graze on.

Still not sure about whether or not you should fix up your bare yard? If you’re thinking of moving soon, or just want to increase your home’s value, landscaping can raise property value by 12% or more. In addition, home owners who spend just 5% of their home value on landscaping can get an ROI of up to 150%. If the numbers don’t convince you, just imagine how much you could enjoy the benefits of a lawn perfectly landscaped to fit your activities and interests. Don’t wait to get the lawn of your dreams, make it happen!

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