13 Necessary Tools for Home Improvements

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Home renovations are a very popular thing nowadays. Most people don’t buy a home planning to leave it as is. There’s also a wall that needs to be knocked out or garage that needs enclosing or something that will be changed once the new buyers move in. A custom tooling company can provide the necessary equipment in order to get the job done right. Remodeling often involves demolition, knowledge of plaster and drywall, electrical services, plumbing, carpentry, tile and concrete service and roof repairs. If you are going to be doing home improvements that you will need a custom tooling company to ensure you have all the right tools. Here is a list of the most popular tools needed for home renovations.

  1. Hammer – Not just any hammer. The most popular type of hammer is the solid steel framed hammer with a ripping claw. This tool is popular because not only will it hammer in nails but it’s sturdiness and strength makes it a great tool for demolition also.

  2. Pouch – You’ll need some sort of tool pouch or fasteners in order to keep everything handy. Finding places to put your custom tools or cutting tools is important as you don’t want them to get damaged in the process.

  3. Hammer Loop – Often times there is not a space on a work belt to hand a hammer. You can actually buy a steel loop that hands from your work belt so that you can easily attach your hammer to it without having to toss it down every time you’re finished with it, causing dents and damage.

  4. Safety Goggles, Ear Muffs and Masks – These should really be first on the list but this list isn’t going in order of importance. You should have more than one set of each because they can get to get dirty or lost. Make sure you have sufficient protection at all times.

  5. Extension Cords – Talk about making your life easier. 50 feet and longer cords are the most convenient because you don’t have to use the entire length. Better to have a cord too long than a cord too short.

  6. Demolition Bar – If you are going to be knocking things down, you’ll definitely want one of these. They come in a variety of sizes from seven inch models to five foot long bars.

  7. Brooms – A push broom is often overlooked as an important item but keeping your site clean will keep it safe. Encourage your workers to be brushing dust and debris and disposing of it properly throughout the day.

  8. Shop Vac – The full name is a shop vacuum. When sweeping isn’t enough or doesn’t work at a certain angle, you can use a shop vac to get debris out of wall holes or electrical boxes. This helps the workers to be able to see what they are doing more clearly.

  9. Ladders – This should be fairly obvious. Don’t stand on chairs and buckets; you’re asking for trouble. Use step stools and ladders to reach higher up. An extension ladder will be helpful if you need to reach ceilings and roofs.

  10. Lighting – Even if you only work in the day time, having sufficient lighting is very important. It could be anything from head lamps to free standing lighting, just as long as everyone can properly see what they are doing.

  11. Drop Cloths – Painter’s tarps keep surfaces protected and make clean up a lot easier, especially if your tarps or cloths are disposable. A custom tooling company may offer to cut the drop cloths to properly fit your area depending on measurements.

  12. Marking Devices – Otherwise known as pens or pencils or sharpies; these mark instructions or measurements for maximum efficiency. They also help with communication among the team if someone else is going to be finishing a job you started.

  13. Every Day Tools – This refers to pliers of all shapes and sizes, from wire strippers to bolt cutters to loosening and tightening devices as well as tapes, drills and drill bits, saws and blades; everything found in a regular tool box has a part to play.

A custom tooling company can provide you with exactly what you need for each individual job. This will help you as you build your inventory. More on this.

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