6 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Updated 1/18/2022

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Preparing for the Winter

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When keeping up with a great landscape design, winter can be hard on a yard. There are so many different elements to winter landscaping than summer landscaping. Landscape design companies found that 75% of Americans not only like to spend time outside in their yards, but think it’s important. That means that you probably don’t want your entire yard to die out because of frost and chills only to have to revamp it again in the summer. Outdoor kitchens and other furniture that might be out there could always be put in to storage but how does one protect the actual plants and growth? Some landscape design companies had a few ideas about that:

1. Aerating
Aerating should be done in the fall while the grass is still green. The best way to make your grass come back with the most vitality and strength is if you give it some breathing room while it’s still alive and healthy. This breaks up the dry soil and allows water to nutrients to reach all the way down into the roots.

2. Seeding
You should also seed your lawn during the fall as well. Over seeding at this point is fine because it will help to fill in a bald spots in order to give you a thick, luscious lawn in the spring. If you use a variety of grass types, your lawn will actually be less susceptible to disease, which will make spring a lot easier. If your lawn becomes diseased, you may have to redo your entire lawn which will not be a welcome surprise after all your hard work the previous fall.

3. Watering
You may be surprised to find that winter can actually be some of the driest months as far as your landscaping goes. You should continue to water your grass through out the winter, at least every three to four weeks if the temperature stays above freezing.

4. Fertilizing
Feeding time isn’t just for the grass, trees and shrubs need fertilizer to. If you can fertilize everything at the same time, in fall, then this increases the availability of the nutrients and helps root growth. If your trees and shrubs have healthy roots through the winter, then you will probably find fewer dead branches and better growth in the spring.

5. Planting
Just before winter hits is actually one of the best times to do some major planting. The air is cool and the soil warm which is a great combination for plants. If you plant around mid October, your new growth will be able to get used to their environment and surroundings before the heat of summer kicks in.

6. Cutting
If you get perennials in your yard, these are a unique flower as far as winter care goes, according to landscape design companies. After the temperatures hit freezing and plants die off, you should cut the stems of the perennials so they are only an inch or two high off the ground. Light mulch like hay, straw or pine needles can be added to protect the perennials from frostbite.

7. Conditioning
Soil needs conditioner. If you are going to properly care fo your lawn, this means taking care of the soil to. Using a good soil conditioner can help the lawn return to green after the winter is through and take care of any brown spots that occur.

8. Covering
When the weather forecast is predicting a freeze, cover any potted plants and shrubs with blankets to protect them. Hard freezes can kill off even the most resilient of plants so make sure that those blankets are held in place and no wind is going to take them off.

After you have done all this, you should see a difference in the spring. Once the winter is over and your landscape can go back to normal, you will find that it does so much more quickly than in previous years when maybe you didn’t do as much to take care of the lawn as landscape design companies would recommend. If you can do most of the care in the fall and early winter time then your work will be much easier when it comes time to the aftermath of winter. You may not even have aftermath to speak of and that would be the best case scenario.

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