Commercial Construction The Financial Benefits Of Equipment Rental In PA

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America has always been a nation of builders, and even though we’re far from the largest by population, we’re the second largest construction market in the world. American construction accounts for 10% of the global market, and more than 7 million U.S. citizens work in the industry. And while residential construction has helped build the American dream brick by brick, commercial construction helps American industries move forward. And since the very first moments of America’s inception, Philadelphia has been at the heart of American industrial might.

All told, private commercial buildings in the States are worth a combined $296.4 billion. The roofing industry alone will grow by as much as $5 billion over the next several years. While the commercial construction industry helps provide wealth, jobs, and infrastructure for the greatest country on earth, that also leads to a high cost of entry. Because of such high operating costs in the commercial construction industry, many Pennsylvania businesses rely on the best equipment rental Philadelphia has to offer to stay competitive with larger corporations.

In 2014, sales of light construction equipment increased by more than 10%, but many companies are instead relying on equipment rental to keep costs down. Owning a large fleet of construction equipment requires large upfront costs, storage space, and more stringent insurance requirements. For companies looking to compete in the industry while staying on a tighter budget, equipment rental provides an affordable solution.

Plus, the most reliable equipment rental companies have different equipment available for a wide variety of jobs, so whatever type of job you need to rent equipment for, you can find the tools you need without purchasing hugely expensive equipment.

Not only that, but for construction companies with flexible needs, equipment rental allows them to tackle a wider array of projects. Rather than spending money purchasing and maintaining delicate equipment, companies can always rent the newest, most advanced light construction equipment on the market.

The types of light construction equipment rental Philadelphia companies depend on include crawler dozers, excavators, aerial lift equipment, and light towers, although heavy equipment is available for rent as well. If you’re struggling to find the funds or space to purchase this equipment for your company, then it’s time to consider the benefits of renting instead.

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