5 Important Tips to Follow While Cleaning out Gutters

Your gutters play an important role, making sure excess water moves away from your home. If your gutters are damaged and need to be replaced, you might wonder “Can you install your own gutters?” However, this is a job you should leave in the hands of the professionals. It’s not only for your own safety but also for cost-efficiency. Gutter installation is definitely something you want to get right the first time, otherwise, you could be spending more time, effort, and money than is actually necessary.

Depending on the material, the average cost of rain gutter replacement can range anywhere from $3 to $50 per linear foot. Of course, because of the important role that this plays in the structural integrity of your home, you want to get the best gutters for heavy rain. You can also ask your contractor which choice for ceiling gutter could fit your home, if that’s what’s needed.


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Cleaning out gutters can seem to be an easy task. There are, however, a number of important factors and nuances to it that many homeowners sometimes ignore. Keeping your gutters in good health is important as they serve the purpose of draining excess water and keeping your home safe from problems arising from exposure to dampness. Newly installed gutters can last up to 40 years, and keeping them clean can significantly improve their longevity. It can also help you save considerably on costs, which can come with the prospect of major gutter repairs. Knowing a few tips and tricks yourself can go a long way towards having clean, functional and efficient gutters.

Right from the time of gutter installation, you need to keep a firm handle both on the quality of products you choose and the quality of service that you hire. Installing gutters takes professional abilities and skills, and the right thing to do is to hire a good home maintenance contractor to take care of things. Once your gutters are in place and functioning properly, following these tips can ensure that they stay clean and efficient –

  • Ensure Proper Safety Measures – The first important thing to remember while cleaning out gutters is to use the proper safety measures. Ladder-related injuries are common, and you should properly inspect your ladders for defects before starting to use them for gutter cleaning. Having an accomplice help you is also a good move.
  • Get Protection – There are certain measures that you can adopt to ensure that you remain protected during gutter cleaning efforts. Heavy-duty rubber gloves and protective eye gear can be of help, and shoes with rubber soles can provide you with enough traction while walking along sloped areas of the roof.
  • Watch the Leaves – The types of trees in the neighborhood and the amount of fall should dictate the frequency of cleaning. For example, if your home is surrounded by trees that shed very little, cleaning your gutters out once every six months should be enough. However, if nearby trees shed regularly and in high volumes, it is best to clean every three months.
  • Protect your Gutters – Gutter protection products are widely available and installing the right one for your requirements can help you keep your gutters clean for longer. Remember to check size and specifications before purchase to ensure that the product you buy will be a perfect fit.
  • Get Help – Unless it is routine cleaning, cleaning out gutters is best left to professionals who have the requisite skills and experience of handling such projects. Engaging the services of a handyman is a good way to ensure quick, efficient, cost-effective gutter cleaning.

Following these tips can help you really get the best possible performance from your gutters on a regular basis.


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