Pesticide Free Lawn Service Provides Lush Grass and Family Safety

Pesticide free lawn service

When they were little my girls loved to run through the grass barefooted. We have pretty big front and back yards and an automatic sprinkler system to keep the grass looking nice. The barefoot duo liked nothing more than convincing me to set the timer on each of the zones to two or three minutes and they would spend the next 20 to 30 minutes running from water supply to water supply. Lawn experts say that a 20 to 30 minute soak per section of your yard creates the most lush grass. For the girls though the excitement came as much in the quick dashes from one sprinkler section to the next as it did in playing in the water, so short bursts of “pretend rain” had to suffice.

Those carefree days of summer were compliments of an organic lawncare service that was safe for the bare feet of the youngest sprinkler sprinters. Often, however, if you are not careful and paying attention, instead of using an organic lawncare treatment, you could be endangering your children and pet with harmful pesticides. Americans, in fact, use 78 million pounds of pesticides a year. Some of the most commonly used lawn pesticides are linked with cancer or carcinogenicity, as well as birth defects, reproductive effects, liver or kidney damage, neurotoxicity, and partial disruption of the endocrine system. To add insult to injury, Americans are spending close to $700,000,000 for pesticides for their lawns. Homeowners should instead look at options of hiring a pesticide free lawn service or investigate organic lawncare treatment options to use themselves. For example, the process of “grasscycling,” also known as mulching, leaves grass clippings on lawns and reduces the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers by 50%.

Pesticide free lawn service includes organic lawncare options other than “grasscycling” as well. In a recent study, scientists have found that grass beds treated with compost tea and other natural materials have an average root lengths two to four times longer than lawns treated with pesticides. In case you are thinking that the pesticides many people apply to their lawns are not the bad, consider the following statistic: the typical suburban lawn receives nearly 10 times as much chemical pesticide per acre as farmland.

Once you realize that you can have an attractive looking lawn with a lawncare treatment that is safe to both pets and family, you might consider making the safest choice for your family and friends. Pesticide free lawn service will improve the quality of your soil and the health of your family.

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