Beat the Heat! Get an Air Conditioner This Summer

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When summer comes, the heat is not far behind. Thanks to fans and air conditioners, however, the summers are bearable and even pleasant when indoors. For many, buying an air conditioner is a matter of cost-benefit analyses to determine if your family may need an air conditioning service. For those on the fence, allow me to present some information that may swing your vote.

Beat the Heat
Almost two-thirds of American homes enjoy some kind of air conditioner. Air conditioners are more often found in single family homes than in apartment buildings or other rental properties. Small air conditioning units can easily be fixed into a window to provide cool air circulation for your entire home.

Energy Saving Options
Today, AC contractors have a variety of options to make sure your AC service is operating at peek efficiency. High-energy savings can account for a 20-50% savings in energy consumption. Simply replacing an air conditioner’s filter can lower your AC’s energy consumption by anywhere between 5 and 15%. The most modern of air conditioners can end up using 30 to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as a forty year old AC unit from the 1970s.

Safety as a Priority
Whenever you’re dealing with a device that is going to be around children and pets, safety has got to be an issue. Poorly maintained air conditioning and fan equipment was responsible for 2,500 out of 7,200 of home structure fires between 2006 and 2010. That is why it is important to call an AC repair company to make sure your machines are properly up to date and cleaned. With a quality air conditioning unit, you can keep cool in the most uncomfortable of circumstances!

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