5 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Your Water

Well chlorination system

It’s one of the most frustrating things about cleaning your bathroom: those ugly dark marks on your fixtures. Curiously, they start showing up in another places—the kitchen sink, the outside faucet, the plumbing. These blemishes … some of which are impossible to overlook, especially if you’re entertaining … are usually the result of hard water, a flaw that we’re often keen to overlook, despite the fact that it affects our homes and bodies alike. The issues with hard water are numerous, and include:

1. It Can Destroy The Appearance Of Your Fixtures

Fighting scale buildup is very difficult, and made more so that the fact that even once scale buildup is taken care of, it tends to return. It can be followed by blackish stains caused by manganese. Water purification is the only thing that can effectively reduce this buildup. You can also cut down on the iron accompanying the manganese through an iron water filter.

2. The Staining Can Even Extend To Your Clothes

When it comes to water purification, few think of the consequences on their clothes and linens. The same dark manganese that affects your fixtures can also stain your laundry, ruining it permanently. Most water aeration systems will target and get rid of manganese, saving your clothes and your money!

3. The Basics Won’t Always Cut It

Many rely upon things like city water filtration systems, well water filtration systems, or even shower filters. City and well water filtration systems can still produce contaminated water. Similarly, shower filters often fail to remove all contaminants due to the extreme temperatures they face. The only effective solution is a whole house water purification system.

4. You Have No Idea What’s In Your Water

Believe it or not, what’s left over in hard water can be shocking. While sulfur produces a bad taste your water and chlorine can cause breathing problems, an even more alarming potential problem is arsenic. While the levels of arsenic present are low, arsenic removal through water purification gives you the comfort of knowing that you’re safe.

5. It Affects Your Whole House

Believe it or not, hard water can ruin the efficiency of your appliances, cutting it down by up to 48%. Things like chlorine can shorten the life of everything from dishwashers to coffee makers, never mind the damage contaminants do to your fixtures.

The benefits of water filtration systems are nearly impossible to count. Everyone deserves to use their water without worrying about ill effects on their health and home. A whole house water purification system gives you not only what you want—happiness and comfort—but what you need.

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