3 Lies You’ve Heard About Solar Panels

If you’re on the fence about residential solar energy for your home, it might be because you’ve been told one of these three myths about solar energy pros and cons. So don’t believe these urban legends: My Neighbors Won’t Like It Despite a handful of articles about angry, busybody neighbors objecting to residential solar panels, […]

The 4 Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen Number 2 Will Surprise You!

The kitchen is a communal space where memories are made, delicious meals are had, and lots of wear and tear takes place. Because of this, finding the right flooring for your kitchen can be a hard task. Many factors go into finding the right floor options for your kitchen, such as aesthetics preferences, budget, and […]

Three tips for finding the best solar rebate for you!

With Americans becoming more environmentally conscious, homeowners are rushing into the solar renewable energy market. By using solar photovoltaic panels to convert the sun’s energy in electricity, homeowners are cutting their energy bills while benefitting the environment. Solar is a growth market with usage growing at about 20% a year over the past 15 years. […]