Three tips for finding the best solar rebate for you!

Facts on solar energy

With Americans becoming more environmentally conscious, homeowners are rushing into the solar renewable energy market. By using solar photovoltaic panels to convert the sun’s energy in electricity, homeowners are cutting their energy bills while benefitting the environment. Solar is a growth market with usage growing at about 20% a year over the past 15 years. Rebates for solar energy are encouraging more of these home solar energy systems to be installed by helping the homeowner reduce the upfront costs. Taking advantage of these solar rebates makes the investment to convert to solar affordable for many homeowners. Here are some tips on obtaining the greatest rebates for solar energy available.

Consult a professional

Although many people enjoy completing their own home improvement projects, be aware that installing your own solar energy technology may prevent you from collecting your rebate. Many incentives are predicated on your using a licensed installer, or to have your home solar energy system connected to the grid by a licensed electrician. If you want to guarantee your rebates for solar energy leave the installation to the pros!

Plan ahead

With the surging popularity of solar energy for residential homes, many rebates are limited time offers. Oftentimes incentive programs are time sensitive, and other times are first come first serve programs that can fill up within minutes of opening. If you become aware of a rebate becoming available act fast, it may not be around for long.

Look for tax credits

The government is encouraging the growth of home solar by offering rebates for solar energy in the form of tax credits. Massachusetts, for example, has a 100% 20 year property tax exemption. Despite the added value to your home, you will not carry an extra tax burden. Although the Massachusetts solar rebates are some of the most generous in the country, most states offer some form of incentive for switching to solar. A quick online search can tell you what offers are available to you.

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