Don’t Miss These 3 Warning Signs That It’s Time for New Commercial Windows

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Sometimes the warning signs for something are right in front of us, but we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. That’s normally the case for business owners when they find that their building needs an upgrade. If you think your business needs new windows due to problems with energy efficiency, safety, or simply the way they look, then you’re probably right.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Here are three big signals that it could be time for new commercial windows:

    1. All your heat is going right out the window. If your heat in the winter just doesn’t seem to make a difference near the windows, then you may need new commercial windows. In a typical dwelling, residential windows can account for 15 to 22% of heat loss, but that number can be much higher with older, single pane windows in commercial buildings. New steel windows are made to hold heat in, and thermally broken steel windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

    2. Your business has experienced a break-in. In some cases, older windows can be more susceptible to break-ins. About 30% of break-ins are thought to be related to unlocked doors and windows, so an old window with a malfunctioning lock could put your business at risk. New steel windows can provide better security and ward off intruders.

    3. It’s time for your business to get a facelift. If your windows are broken, cracked, or otherwise in bad shape, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t let your customers’ perception of your business suffer because of old windows. Think about how you want your business to look and go from there. Many new steel windows and doors are designed to be stylish while still providing plenty of safety and energy efficiency.

Have questions about getting new commercial windows installed? Find a trusted vendor who will answer your questions. You can also leave a comment below for more information.

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