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Well digging services

For many of us it is easy to take water for granted. We shower often, pour ourselves a glass of water from the tap, run our dishwashers and washing machines without giving it much thought. In fact, Americans use about 100 gallons of water every day, and in a given year the average American household will use over 100,000 gallons of water.

Over 15 million households in the U.S. rely on private ground water wells. These drilled wells can be over 1,000 feet deep. Many involve filtration technology to ensure the highest quality water free of debris and harmful materials. Many people also have sump pumps in their basements. These are used for keeping excess water out of places you wish to keep dry, especially places more susceptible to flooding (like basements and crawlspaces). Some people keep water storage tanks in cases of emergency. In areas where drought is common, these storage tanks are especially crucial.

Well Drilling Services.

While it might seem that water is everywhere, only 1% or so is drinkable and usable for other human needs. One way people gather their water is through wells. Wells have been a useful human construct for centuries, and used to be dug by hand. Now, most wells are drilled and maintained by powerful machines operated by professionals, making it easier for more people to install a well outside their home. While it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain his/her well once installed, the best well digging services are those that provide both installation and maintenance of your well.

Sump Pump Installation.

Because nearly 60% of households are at risk of below ground wetness, most have sump pumps in the basement. Most sump pumps cost between $200-400 and can be self-installed, though it is advised to have a professional do so. Installation cost will vary depending on the type of floor, the location of the pump, and the geographic location of the home.

Water Storage Tanks.

There are many kinds of water storage tanks and many sizes. Their uses are also varied: drinking water, gardening, rainwater harvesting, and fire prevention and protection are among these. Cost will depend on the size, type, and functionality of the water tank, and can range from $100-1,000 accordingly.

We all need water to survive and live comfortably. It’s important to seek out the best well digging services and sump pump installers to ensure a safe and happy household.
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